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Inaugural function of Optometry Clinic at Banda

Banda Optometry Clinic was Inaugurated on 30th of Dec in distinguished presence of Mr Mandar Kalyankar – Sarpanch Banda Panchayat.
Inaugural function started at 11:00 pm by cutting the ribbon and then lightning Samai.
During this function Mr. Mandar Kalyankar, Dr. Tushar Kaskar, Dr. Balchandra Kokate, Dr. Dilip Sawant spoke regarding how required and how helpful this clinic will be for Banda and Villages surrounding.
Dr. Shetye first obliged for the wholehearted support for Eye as well as General hospital that is provided since inception then he spoke regarding how this setup will function later also spoke on the future plans of opening an Eye Hospital in Kudal.
Mr. Babji Bhangle, Mr. Anwar Khan,Mr. Sudan Kesarkar, Dr. N Y Naik, Dr. Sanjay Sawal, Dr Shraddha Kasar, etc were present for this function
Mr. Santosh Bambolkar then gave away Vote of Thanks
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Free Arthritis Camp Conducted at Vision Hospital

Free Arthritis Camp Conducted at Vision Hospital On 29th June 2018 in Association with Dr.Nagnath Khadke Consultant Rheumatologist
Free Consultation was given to all patients suffering from Arthritis and related problems like Single or multiple joint pains Joint swellings
Morning Stifness of Joints
Severe low back pain, Multiple muscle pain
Rashes on face or lower limbs SLE Psoriatic Arthritis
Dryness of Eyes
Degeneration Osteoarthritis of knee or other joints

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