International Patients

Preliminary guidelines

You need to provide as much details possible for doctors to evaluate and give best treatment plan.A sample list of desired information is given below

  • Provide details of patient’s condition. Provide information in detail like pain areas any other symptoms. Any doctor/physician evaluation report if done in the local city by the patient is also important. If you permit and doctor agree we would actually like to initiate discussion with your doctor to understand your medical symptoms. If doctor permits post treatment in India we would like to brief doctor on your care plan and work with him to provide life time care.
  • Please do provide any medical evaluation reports like blood reports, X-ray, NIKI, CT scan etc. If you do not have digital copies of such reports please take a clear photograph of such reports against proper lighting. You can use your camera phone ‘for this.
  • Provide photographs of affected body area. You can take clear photographs from your camera phone also. Just ensure proper light while taking photograph.
  • Please inform if patient suffers from any co-morbid condition like diabetes, HIV, Sickle Cell… Identification of such conditions is very essential for planning safe treatment. Vision Multispeciality Hospital under its standard procedure evaluates patient for such condition on arrival to India before starting treatment to ensure patient safety.
  • Providing details of any medical history patient has like any procedure/operation the patient had undergone before.
  • Also give details of any hereditary illness/ medical condition which you are aware. We understand that patient may not be always aware of such condition however such small information helps us plan better and safe treatment for you.
  • Please submit your contact details — email, phone number, address to enable us to reach you at the earliest.
  • On receipt of query we shall revert you on the given contact details — email/phone. Our team of doctors and super-specialists shall opine and give treatment plan for you.
  • If the reports submitted and the medical symptoms given are conclusive we shall provide you with details of treatment plan with clinical explanations.
  • You will also be provided with treating doctor profile for your comfort and knowledge. At Vision Multispeciality Hospital the case is discussed with multiple doctors for confirming the treatment plan. Hence you are always in care of multiple super-specialists.
  • If you so desire we can initiate discussion with treating doctor for you to clarify your queries before you travel. If you permit we can initiate discussion with your local doctor also.
  • We shall also provide you with details of estimated cost of treatment, length of stay in the hospital and outside the hospital.
  • Once you receive your estimate you are free to discuss your treatment plan and raise any query that you may have. You may also choose to talk to your proposed treating doctor. We shall arrange a telephonic call as per your convenience.
  • Post submission of all available reports on special request we shall also arrange a discussion with the treating doctor. The discussion can be over the phone or if required via video conferencing. You can get all your treatment queries answered directly by the doctor before your travel.


  • Once you decide to come over to Vision Multispeciality Hospital for treatment, please send us your passport scan along with passport scan of your attendant/companion. Our International Patient Coordinator will issue visa invite based on those details. Please note that we can issue invitation letter to the patient and 2 attendants (maximum). It is always advisable to come on a medical visa rather than any other visa for the purpose of medical treatment.
  • Once you have received the visa invite, you should proceed with visa application at the nearest . Indian Embassy/Consulate and book your flight tickets as per you plan. Please note that if you plan in advance then you can get tickets cheaper compared to bookings on short notice.
  • You should always inform us about your current medication once you decide to avail treatment. Our doctors will go through your medication and suggest changes if required considering your proposed treatment/surgical plan and travel conditions.
  • Please check on internet and consult with your International Patient Coordinator about weather in India. You can carry clothes to suit Indian weather.
  • Before travel it is recommended that you activate international roaming on your phone with your mobile service provider. You shall anyways be provided local number sim card for usage in India.
  • Please send you complete and exact travel itinerary to our International Patient Coordinator so that required pick-up arrangements and room booking can be done.


  • You may choose to transfer the proposed treatment fund through bank transfer. This will avoid concerns of carrying money during travel. You shall be provided account details on request.
  • You may choose to directly pay at the hospital for the given treatment plan. We accept all major credit cards and also all major foreign currencies at the hospitals. It is always better to check with hospital and confirm acceptability of cards.
  • We are preferred, hospitals with all major global insurance service providers. In case you are covered under Insurance scheme — we shall be happy to discuss payment options with your insurance provider.
  • If you are associate/employee with any of our empanelled corporates or associations we shall communicate with respective team for the payment transfers.

Treatment at Vision Multispeciality Hospital

    • We recommend you do not take services from unknown strangers at the airport. You shall be Provided contact details before start of your travel. You can call anytime for support on that number.
    • We will also assist with Foreign Currency exchange as and when required. Please do not deal for currency exchange with unknown traders.
    • You will be taken to the hospital And our International Patient Coordinator will assist you with admission.
    • Our International Patient Coordinator shall provide you all the required local information and also assist you with application of local sim card.

    • On admission in the Hospital patient will be examined by the hospital physicians and the treating doctor.
    • In the hospital patient will first undergo complete evaluation to firmly establish the line of treatment. In situation where reports submitted by patient are not very old and conclusive detailed evaluation won’t be necessary at the hospital.
    • Treating doctor shall evaluate and explain the patient the treatment plan. Patient will be explained in detail the procedure to be undertaken and any precautions which they need to take post discharge from hospital.

  • At all times of your stay with us you shall be assigned dedicated patient coordinator who shall be responsible for clarifying all your queries and also assist you with any sundry needs you may have like exchange, shopping destinations etc.
  • We shall assist you with exit government formalities. Our patient coordinators shall complete the formalities for you.
  • Our doctor shall also provide ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate. Please note that every patient that travels on medical visa should obtain a ‘Fit to Fly’ .certificate to fly back as it is mandatory by the airlines.
  • You shall be provided a complete file with details of medical findings and treatment administered. A complete discharge summary shall also be provided to you which shall also detail the medication you need to take in future.
  • If your deposit exceeds actual final bill then the difference amount shall be refunded to you.
  • Our Vehicle shall ensure that you are at the airport in time for your flight.

TRAVEL & INDIA STAY – Dos & Don’ts


  • Keep safe your passport and visa documents with yourself If possible do carry photocopies of the passport and travel documents.
  • Store the copies in separate luggage bags for security.
  • Carry all documents related to patient medical history. It is advised to carry a photocopy of such file and store in separate luggage from the original.
  • Always keep the contact details of the coordinator handy for any support during travel.
  • Check with your coordinator on the weather conditions and pack your clothes accordingly.
  • If possible do carry some cash (other than hospital bill) for sundry requirements during travel and stay in India. Take help from your coordinator for any exchange service you may require. If possible check if International roaming is active on your mobile phone. You will be provided an Indian number in India.
  • Do check with your bank if your credit card is active for international usage. Make yourself aware of the bank charges so that you are protected from unfavorable bank charges.
  • We recommend that you take travel insurance to avoid losses due to travel exigencies like flight delay. Insist on comprehensive-medical report on discharge from the hospital.


  • Do not handover, our passport and travel documents with unknown people.
  • Do not exchange currency with Unknown people. Hospital will provide you with assistance with currency exchange.
  • Do not discuss your medical condition with strangers during your travel or post arrival in India.
  • Make yourself aware of contraband items in India. Ensure you comply with guidelines on the same.
  • Do not plan-any tourism activity with strangers. Your hospital coordinator will guide you to authorized service providers. This ensures your safety and value for money spent.
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking is prohibited in hospital premises. Request you to help us maintain the hospital stay peaceful for all patients.
  • Don’t Tip. Tipping is not encouraged in our hospitals. Please help us maintain discipline.

For Further Queries You can Contact this Number:
+91 9822131127