Medical Tourism

Vision Hospital a Top Destination for Medical Tourism in Goa

Vision Multispeciality Hospital provides a wide range of exclusive services to the international patients, ensuring them of a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay.

Tourists come to gorgeous Goa to soak up the sun, sand and sea. Medical tourism is another reason which is becoming increasingly prevalent for visiting the beautiful state. This is not only for its affordability, but also its quality in terms of doctors and consultants. Also, back home, patients may find themselves on long waiting lists for routine procedures, but this may not be the case for tourists who have discovered reputable hospitals providing medical tourism in India. Vision Hospital is one of the hospitals in Goa that is at the forefront of International medical tourism. Read on to learn more.

What is medical tourism?
What started out as an annual dental check up or maybe an eye test has now grown into a fully fledged industry in Goa. So what exactly is medical tourism? It consists of people leaving their country and crossing borders for medical treatment, which includes major surgeries. In the past, medical tourism has become mostly synonymous with people from less developed countries seeking pioneering advanced technologies. Of late, there has been a rapid upward trend witnessed in people from developed countries travelling for cost-effective treatments. Also some of the procedures, such as cosmetic or fertility may not be carried out in their country of origin.

Medical Tourism at Vision Care
The doctor will need details of a patient’s condition and previous medical evaluation reports. Any medical conditions will also have to be disclosed. A patient will be able to clarify any doubts with the treating doctor before the surgery. The estimated cost and length of stay is also shared with the patient, before the medical treatment is finalised. Vision has a foreign insurance tie-up with AXA Assistance, which is a popular service for patients who come for medical treatment from abroad. The doctors also provide a fit to fly certificate which is an important document when flying on a medical visa.

Available Treatments
Vision hospital carries out a number of efficient and effective health and wellness services that are appreciated by locals and foreign patients. This includes treatments such as orthopaedic joint replacements and medical treatments related to gastroenterology, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynaecology, neurology, dermatology and plastic surgery. There are actually 30 different departments at Vision Hospital each specialising in a different field of medicine. A group of expert doctors sit together and chalk out the surgical plan for the proposed treatment after taking into account your medical history, current medication and travel situation.

Before travelling, the patient will have to send their passport copy and visa details to the hospital. It is recommended to check the weather and wear appropriate clothing. It is also suggested to keep your phone on international roaming, so that the hospital can communicate with you. The hospital provides you with an international patient coordinator who can assist you and help you adjust during your trip to Goa. The hospital vehicle will ensure that you get back to the airport comfortably in time for your return flight.

Vision has many state-of- the-art technologies that are available in-house. These include Siemens Scope 32 multi-slice CT scan, Centurion vision system for eye care, Siemens (Multiphos 10+) x-ray machine and Allengers mobile x-ray machine. The Konica Minolta digital x-ray machine, Nidek auto refractometer, Topcon slit lamp, Zeiss intraocular lens Master, and Carl Zeiss Germany fundus fluorescein angiography are some of the other hi-tech instruments and tools used. It has Modular OT, State of Art Anaesthesia Workstations, Post operative ICU Care, Efficient Staff and Trained and Qualified Doctors. The latest equipment, along with the medical specialists make Vision a top destination for medical tourism in India.

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