More lives are lost each year due to traffic related accidents. Deaths and permanent disability caused due to Trauma or Road traffic accidents can be prevented if the victim is brought immediately to a well equipped Trauma Centre

TIME IS CRITICAL in accident patients. In accident victims, the first hour after accident is considered the ‘Golden Hour’.  Therefore it is important in accident patients that the time gap between the accident and the definitive treatment is minimized. This can help in saving precious lives. It is made possible by our dedicated 24 hrs Emergency / Trauma Unit where patient is quickly evaluated and moves through diagnostics and gets the final treatment within the golden hour.

At Vision Multispeciality Hospital we have taken an initiative towards this and have set up a well equipped and hi-tech trauma management system in keeping with our tradition of providing world -class facilities to patients

Our Emergency and Trauma service, on the ground floor, is designed to function as a one of the best Trauma Center – handling the most critical of patients. Our Dedicated Trauma Surgeons, Physicians and Resident Doctors work with the team of nurses who are highly skilled in treating high end injuries and providing tertiary care. It helps in early diagnosis, surgery and providing critical supportive care.